Keith Warne Organization

The Close Family - as opposed to extended

A collection of photos taken at the founder's home in Manila. These interactive images depict the family on an average Sunday during the cooler winter period. As you can see no one is using the swimming pool as the water is quite cool. Soon the temperatures will rise and the electricity costs will soar as air conditioners are flung on to left and right.

mrs. founder also takes a morning coffee break. The three children sit and children
the founder taking morning coffee with his three beautifully behaved daughters. Tell us when you need more coffee, we will
alexsi cherry (step daughter - centre) - born june 7, 1990, 17 3/4 years; about to graduate from high school and will become a college student of business studies.
kimberley hannah (left) - born september 5, 1995, 12 1/4 years; junior school graduate this year, high school pupil this june (with 90% plus grades she has a great future).

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Fernando (step son) Birth date June 2, 1988, 19 3/4 years; student in civil engineering, far too big for a Filipino at 6' 3". Alexsi Cherry (step daughter) Birth date June 7, 1990, 17 3/4 years; about to graduate from High School and become a college student. Kimberley Hannah Birth date September 5, 1995, 12 1/4 years; junior school graduate this year, High School pupil this June (at 90% plus grades she's our main chance for the future). Louella Grace Birth date November 30, 1996, 11 1/4 years; (she's 2 weeks younger than Gabrielle) junior school pupil with another year to go. She's a big girl for her age and dwarfs the other kids in her class.